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Book Launch

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Come join us ... 

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by Cathi Bond
Book One of the 
Woman of Good Standing

April 22, 2024 / 7 - 9 PM


499 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2C6


This is one of those books that is difficult to put down once you start reading. The characters just grab you and won’t let go. A masterful, skillfully told story. You will want to buy extra copies for friends.

-Don Oravec, former Executive Director at The Writers' Trust of Canada.


"A novel that celebrates the indomitable spirit of women who held families together in the face of adversity, prepare to be swept away by Bessie. A fast-paced, beautifully written story that will evoke a myriad of emotions that will leave you cheering, contemplating, and moved to tears. With its compelling characters and gripping plot, Bessie is one book that will keep you enthralled from the first page to the last."

—  San Francisco Book Review

See you there!

Come join us ... 

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"Vignettes is like a complex wine: difficult to categorize and entirely easy to enjoy.

- Midwest Book Review

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Have a drink, have two, and join me in raising a glass to this casque of delicious celebration of a writer’s life and say, Salud!"

- Author, Virgil Suarez


Josip Novakovich, book signing.


Where the book cover was born!


Josip Novakovich, Christian Fennell, Nathalie Guilbeault.

The launch of Vignettes was successful with so many of you joining in on the pleasure of meeting Josip and hearing him share about wine, Croatia, and parcels of his life there.

Thank you Daniel for making Orr Café available for the event!

Burgundy Lion Pub, Montreal, QC

Double Book Launch

The Montreal Publishing Company was proud to launch two new books,

LOVE, GUNS & GOD IN AMERICA by Christian Fennell, and INHALED by Nathalie Guilbeault.

June 22, 2022 at the Burgundy Lion Pub, MONTREAL, QC. 


Among friends and family, writer and coach, Alana Doyle, kicked off the event by introducing both authors, their styles, their genres—their differences and similarities.


Christian and Nathalie read a passage of each other's work and then answered a few of the crowd's questions. Unsurprisingly, there was a main curiosity that needed to be addressed: How is it to live with a writer? Well, they both agreed, you have to get used to being observed most of the time, and yes, learn to live with the high probability of becoming some form of literary road-kill. 

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