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April 22, 2024



Cathi Bond

A sweeping family saga beginning in The Great Depression, Bessie tells the story of a struggling nation and ends with the heart-breaking personal sacrifices made during the Second World War. At its center is Bessie Barnes, a mother of two, determined to be seen as a woman of good standing within her rural community. 

Bessie’s personal world is suddenly upended when Edward, a young historian she met at a dance when she was only 19, turns up on the family’s doorstep penniless - only to discover that he’s her absent brother-in-law. While trying to be a perfect wife, perfect mother, and a perfect neighbour, Bessie, pushed to her breaking point, comes to realize that ultimately, all that is required of her is to be true to her own heart. 

Bessie is the first book in Cathi Bond’s trilogy, A Woman of Good Standing

"Cathi Bond weaves a narrative that will tug at your heartstrings as Edward's enduring love for Bessie unfolds amidst the struggles of a bygone era. A novel that celebrates the indomitable spirit of women who held families together in the face of adversity, prepare to be swept away by Bessie. A fast-paced, beautifully written story that will evoke a myriad of emotions that will leave you cheering, contemplating, and moved to tears. With its compelling characters and gripping plot, Bessie is one book that will keep you enthralled from the first page to the last."

— San Francisco Book Review

June 2024



Nathalie Guilbeault

In Spain's never ending turmoil, Alberto Rogriguez will plant a seed whose emptiness will find its way to Nicaragua and America. It will destroy the only thing it covets—pure acceptance—a want that swims inside the belly of women who will suffer, surrender ... and seek retribution. 

A stand alone thriller that complements the author's preceding novel, INHALED, WHEN I BECAME NEVER  shows how many shapes revenge can take, and that, more often than not, it fails as much as it entices us.

June 2024




Christian Fennell

Christian Fennell's next collection of  writing, What I know About The Human Race is coming, June 2024. 

Author of the critically acclaimed collection of short stories, Torrents of Our Time, and the novels, The Fiddler in the Night, and LOVE, GUNS & GOD in America, in What I Know About the Human Race, Christian explores life and art through varying forms of writing: fiction, essays, poetry, reviews, and a one act play. A writer’s playbook.

"Words used to be art. In their creation. In the act. And thus the words were art in their very being. Forget the reader. Just don't forget the impetus. Christian Fennell never did. One of the rare few."

-The Prague Revue

Download the e-galley here.

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