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Montreal Publishing Company is here because the book world has changed; because the author's reality is more complex—less certain. The 'out there' manuscripts of all kinds exist, those that need to be read, shared, and discussed.


We want them known and recognized.


Our mission: To identify writing that compels, stories that grip, to get to know, and understand the creators, and to establish a firm ground that will ensure the success of a healthy partnership.

This ground is made of savvy editing, an understanding of what grabs and holds a reader, while recognizing writing that excels.

Because we can't go it alone—neither can you.

Our house publishes works of poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction. We seek writers who go beyond the word, storytellers who capture us, no matter the topic; no matter the theme, page-after-page. We want works that dare, and make us think—reconsider.

Relevance without fear.

Welcome to the Montreal Publishing Company.

Robert Frank

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